I unlocked my child from autism.
Now I want to help you unlock YOURS!

Does your child's autism keep you up at night? Are you overwhelmed and confused about how to help your child?

I've been there, and I can help.

My son recovered from autism and is now fully engaged with life and with other people.

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Every Child Can Change...

I believe every child has the potential for recovery...


Instead of trying to correct or fix our children, we can heal them.
Instead of medications with harmful side effects, we can use natural interventions and compassionate, child-centered social development programs.

Children all over the world are recovering from autism.

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Susan and Her Work

Meet Susan

Susan Levin, Harvard graduate, Attorney, Author, Certified Bioindividual® Nutrition Consultant, and Public Speaker, spent over a decade successfully researching and developing solutions for her son's autism. Based in NY, Susan's main mission now is to share her knowledge and skills with families affected by autism—just as hers used to be.

The Book: UNLOCKED: A Family Emerging from the Shadows of Autism (Skyhorse Press, 2015)

"Unlocked is a beautiful and useful book for any parent with a child on the autism spectrum. Susan Levin takes us on her personal journey with her son, Ben — she details how she moved from fear and desperation to a plan of hope and action through nutrition, biomedical interventions and The Son-Rise Program© for autism. You see Susan implement the principles of The Son-Rise Program, such as joining him in his isms or repetitive behaviors and building motivation through his personal interests. You then get to watch how Ben emerges from his own world to become a loving, social boy. Authentic. Daring. Dominated by this mom’s positive attitude. Ms. Levin shows us that it’s not necessary to be the “perfect” parent in order to make an enormous difference in the lives of our children. If you want inspiration, hope and some smart strategies, this is the book!!!" - Barry Neil Kaufman, Autism Treatment Center of America/Son-Rise Program Co-Founder & best-selling author of Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues and Happiness Is A Choice

The Approach

Susan's approach brings together the Three Essentials she used to recover her son, Ben:
1. Diet and Healing
2. Social Development
3. Parental Self-Care

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Some of Susan's Recommended Interventions for Autism

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"Why We Love Susan!"

Are you afraid to hope?

I can relate.

I still can't believe it sometimes when Ben responds to me immediately, shares his feelings with me, or talks to me about his friends. As I like to say, this road is hard—but it's worth it!

Get Your Copy of the Top Four Healing Diets for Autism!